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Phase Boundary

Phase Boundary was accepted by Thirteen Press and will be featured in their Night Walkers anthology.

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I just finished the first draft of 10:30 and it is the creepiest thing I have ever written. I hope I can sleep tonight. The cover picture is a picture ELana accidentally took. It is from our dining room, looking into the living room and is the inspiration for this entire story. The imagery from the stairs and shadowy image of the couch in front of them are used in a really creepy scene in the story. One day, she will stop letting me in on her creepy feelings and pictures because I always write them into existence. Or maybe it’s better if she doesn’t stop, it gives me plenty to write about. I just heard a noise in the living room, I’m going to investigate. If I don’t post anything tomorrow, you’ll know something went wrong. Well look at that, it’s just after 10:30.

May all your nightmares come true.

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Publishers Weekly Ignores The Real Scandal At LA Times Festival of Books

David Gaughran

PWLATimesPublishers Weekly whipped up a storm on Wednesday with news of a deal between Amazon and the LA Times Festival of Books , resulting in calls for the publishing community to boycott the event. But Publishers Weekly is ignoring the real scandal.

Amazon isn’t listed as a sponsor or scheduled to appear. The “deal” in question pertains to the LA Times Festival of Books signing up as an Amazon affiliate so they can earn a percentage from sales made through their website. Mary Williams, of Skylight Books in Los Angeles, complained that sales will be “siphoned away” by Amazon.

I’m not so sure that charge sticks. Either someone at the event buys the book in front of them or they don’t. I can’t see how the festival website being an Amazon affiliate changes that. If readers are going to spot a book, then check the price on Amazon (or wherever)…

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Phase Boundary

Phase Boundary

During an attack in a dark alley, an entity takes control of Josh’s body and turns him into a helpless onlooker as it goes on a bloody and murderous rampage.

The first draft of Phase Boundary is complete and in editing.

(Phase Boundary – The interface between two or more separate phases, such as liquid-gas, liquid-solid, gas-solid, or, for immiscible materials, liquid-liquid or solid-solid.)


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