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The Runner. A 500 word or less flash fiction story. 

The Runner, a 500 word or less flash fiction story by Mark Tompkins.
     Phillip crouched in the bushes, the back of his pants wet from the morning dew on the leaves. He spied the cheating bastard running along the path towards him and readied himself for the attack. No one was going to get away with sleeping with his wife. He’d left the house this morning before she awoke and briefly thought about strangling her in her sleep, but he would be the prime suspect with no alibi and life in jail seemed much more trouble than the divorce he would initiate later today. 

     Kevin, however, would be stabbed by a mugger while jogging in the early morning darkness and it would be seen as bad judgment in a city known for its occasional violent tendencies. Just another tragic accident.

     The slap of the runner’s tennis shoes on the dry asphalt signaled he was close and Phillip tensed, his muscles tight and ready. His hand ached from nervously gripping the large knife’s handle, and his rubber surgical gloves crackled quietly as he flexed his fingers before reaffirming his grip. The jogging path meandered through this little stand of trees and the overgrowth provided good cover for an ambush. He’d busted the light on the side of the path, which gave him the darkness to hide that ambush from anyone within eyesight.
     The runner’s legs appeared in front of him as he ran by and Phillip leapt from hiding and wrapped his arm around the runner’s throat. He jammed the knife into the back of the black hoodie again and again, gritting his teeth in anger and asking Kevin if sleeping with his wife was worth it now. He could feel the warmth and slickness of the blood through this rubber gloves as he let Kevin fall to the ground writhing in pain.
     Kevin’s voice was high pitched as he screamed, giving Phillip the satisfaction of hearing the man sound like a woman. The screaming continued; he had to shut Kevin up. He dropped the knife and knelt down, pulling the hood from Kevin’s head and slapping his hand over Kevin’s mouth. It wasn’t Kevin’s mouth and it wasn’t Kevin’s close cropped hair and square jaw. It was a cascade of blonde hair and a beautiful young woman’s face, undoubtedly one of the coeds from the university on the hill behind them.
     Horrified, he held his hand over her mouth, muffling the screams until they stopped. What had he done? He had to get out of there, he couldn’t breathe. He stood and turned and ran, pulling the black bandana from his face.
Kevin stepped out of the way of the sobbing man in the black hoodie with his head down and let him run by. He stared after him, something about his gait looked familiar, but he couldn’t put a finger on it. Shrugging, he continued his run, thinking about his secret rendezvous later that day.

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October is Free Horror Month!


All of my work on Smashwords is free for the entire month of October at the following link: I hope you enjoy the mayhem. Please leave a review on Smashwords if you would be so kind, be it positive or negative, as it is one of an author’s few tools for judging his work and validating it’s literary value to the reading public.

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The Devil’s Work

Wesley Black is an infamous cannibalistic serial killer. When finally caught and convicted, he was sentenced to consecutive life sentences in the world’s most remote prison, Outpost 86. Outpost 86 is in Antarctica and is so remote it requires no guards. The prison relies on engineering and its extreme isolation for prisoner control. Wesley hasn’t changed his ways during his incarceration, and the prison’s massive size and five levels allows him to conduct his business in relative secrecy, but this time something is different and Wesley dies and goes to hell to face his fate…for the first time. It seems the devil’s work is never finished.

The Devil's Work - New

The Devil’s Work is only $.99 cents at

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HTTP Error 502

Synopsis: Jason is pursued by a mysterious man dressed in black who hands him a slip of paper and leaves without a word. What is written on that paper changes Jason’s life forever and plunges him on a journey to another dimension where strange creatures capture and imprison him. Surrounded by surreal monsters chained to the walls, he fights to understand what has happened to him. That understanding is beyond his comprehension and soon the prisoners are collected from the dark dungeon and led to their fate, but it is not what, or where, Jason would have ever imagined.

HTTP Error 502 - New

HTTP Error 502, the latest work from Mark Tompkins is available for only .99 cents at the following sellers:



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Publishers Weekly Ignores The Real Scandal At LA Times Festival of Books

David Gaughran

PWLATimesPublishers Weekly whipped up a storm on Wednesday with news of a deal between Amazon and the LA Times Festival of Books , resulting in calls for the publishing community to boycott the event. But Publishers Weekly is ignoring the real scandal.

Amazon isn’t listed as a sponsor or scheduled to appear. The “deal” in question pertains to the LA Times Festival of Books signing up as an Amazon affiliate so they can earn a percentage from sales made through their website. Mary Williams, of Skylight Books in Los Angeles, complained that sales will be “siphoned away” by Amazon.

I’m not so sure that charge sticks. Either someone at the event buys the book in front of them or they don’t. I can’t see how the festival website being an Amazon affiliate changes that. If readers are going to spot a book, then check the price on Amazon (or wherever)…

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