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5 Wrong Grammar Rules Everyone Knows

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Who the hell knows how to write?

I have published my first book and I am working on countless more.  I have a lways loved to write and now I am making my dream come true.  The main issue I am finding is that each editor and beta reader have their own perspective, so when they read your work, they all have different comments. What bothers one person is what the next praises.  Grammar rules say to use exclamation points sparingly, yet after investigating the hugely poplular and bestselling authors, they have just as many as I do in my work. The same goes for adverbs. Some say they are extra words that don’t need to be there, but isn’t the whole point to describe events so clearly, it makes the action more real? Once again, after investigation of the bestsellers, there are adverbs galore.  It is said you have to know what the rules of writing are before you can break them, but I think that is an excuse. I know what the rules are, but half the time, I don’t give a shit because they don’t allow the story to unfold correctly. As long as the work is punctuated correctly and grammatical errors eliminated, the literary content is all subjective. Obviously, the story has to flow and be coherent, but write what you want and let the content come to the people who can understand it. If one reads books only to pick it apart to see what is wrong with it, then they don’t need to be reading your book at all, and you should let them know that. What I have learned through all of this is to write what and how I want, and have an editor correct the technical stuff. Tell a good story and let it find its audience. This will give them a better look into your mind and that is the whole purpose of writing in the first place. 


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